I'm an optimistic person. I wanted to earn through programming but I had no knowledge. I mean, I could code nothing.

I was already into research writing, graphics editing, and virtual assistance..but I wanted to be a jack of all trade and master of all. 

What I did? I created a profile on freelance sites that I was a programmer. Like I basically had specialised profiles for research writing, graphic editing, and virtual assistance. 

Guess what? I got a gig of $400. Agreed, I knew HTML and a bit of CSS..but that's not programming. 

What I did? From the $400 paid, I paid a tutor $100 to teach me and was using the client's job to test my skills. I am a very fast learner.

This is a risky thing to do and it's not totally advisable but if you are like me who MUST earn money legally, and a fast learner, it's worth the try.

So I finished the job. But I was only 90% sure I got it right. I sent it to my tutor to help me check “what I did myself and practised “ and he made few corrections, I incorporated, and I submitted.


In essence, my first programming job was my learning centre and I still gained $300.

Why don't you work smart nah? Please learn a digital skill today 😊