Sequel to this topic:

“The secrets and scandals that go on in boarding schools should not be heard by parents!“... I think it's the motto of the heads of departments in boarding schools. Is it sex? Drug abuse? Occultism? It's been going on for a long time.

There's an FGGC near where I live. For personal reasons, I won't disclose the location since this happens in almost all boarding schools.

 Those minors no longer look like minors because of the forced maturity they forced themselves into. 

Is education really respected anymore? I doubt, in the case of Nigeria..of course. The secondary school is now the most vulnerable! From my experiences while I was in the teaching sector, I think the best time to model a child is in secondary. Most teenage pregnancies happen in JSS3. JSS3? What's going on! And most times, the school doesn't “practically“ frown against it since members of its management team are only interested in protecting the image of the school.

Day schools are no exceptions because I have worked in a school where even the director was notorious for having affairs with teachers and students. You need to see an environment where students tend to disrespect teachers because they feel they have an upper hand. Such spoilt brats!

I read the case of the Chris land girl and I wasn't surprised. I don't think any Nigerian teacher will be surprised. Even some management team advise you to “mind your business and job“ anyways.

They always have threesomes, foursomes, and group sex. Everyone living close know this because, most times, they are caught by people in the neighbourhood. Some are apprehended, while others are not. But guess what? The school is so determined to conceal their atrocities. It's no disrespect to state the obvious that (some of) their teachers also use them. They do, indeed.

And the rate of lesbianism is appalling. Some of these girls who sneak out at night end up in for money...and the majority of them run to their boyfriends like nymphs. Talk about boyfriends and you know I mean anyone ready to furnish their big lifestyles in school. Of course, most of them hustle to use the latest gadgets. If you are still using the iPhone 11 in the iPhone 14 world, you are in a different clique.

The alarming thing there is that youth corps members stationed there don finish these happy-to-be-used misguided teenagers.

I used to think that, most times, it's people who make advances to these little girls. But it's all untrue. These girls will gladly throw themselves at you for favors, marks, and all whatnot. Some are occultic...and if you don't recognize their physical advances, you become a threat. 

You would want to remind me they have school guardians. Most of these guardians are only hyperactive when they are with you. After that, that's the end of discussion.

Should we talk about the immoral dressing? That will be for another day.

It's surprising to know but this isn't a university. It's a secondary school.

There's nothing new here. Anyone who's had the opportunity to work in any FGGC knows this.

In fact, what goes on there is worthy of consideration as a dissertation topic. Parents need to know.

The FG really needs to look into this. And parents have a big role to play. Parents need to create time for their kids. Even most teachers I know in boarding schools don't send their kids to become boarders. Parental neglect is harmful.

We all should build society.