The ordinary thief steals your money, your jewelry, your car etc...and they choose whom to rob. They take it and they run so you'll never know who they are.

You see the political thieves? They steal your future, your destiny, your education...and they don't have any choice: they steal from everyone. They steal from you and come back to promise to give you back what they stole, but this time, they make it look like a gift.

But you! You have no shame. You subscribe to being puppets to the political thieves and worship them outside their fleet of cars when they pass you so that you may be pitied with some N1000 notes stolen from you.

You prefer to kill for them. You prefer to be just stupid! Rejoice, they love your stupidity! You prefer to choose which thief you support and despise another who doesn't support your thief. Rejoice, you make them more richer.

The thieves hate your unity! Hence, they bring in religious and tribal disunity to ensure you never think as one. Is it not only when you think as one you recognize the common enemy?

Why do you think the British was successful? Of course, the divide-and-rule is the best way to garner selfish desires.

In Nigeria, it is sad to realize the same sets of people have been ruling you! They only swap offices but they are still the same people!

Who really deserves jungle justice?

The ordinary thief or the original thief?