After school, I worked a while. I was this hardworking chap who wouldn't like any errors or queries attached to my name at work for any reasons. I came very early, did my duties in time, and due to my religious obligations as one of Jehovah's Witness, I was honest in all my dealings.

The job itself was a leopard’s tree. Since it was a private business, and the manager a very greedy man who loots the chief oga at whim, trust me, your honesty is a turn-off.

The work was becoming unbecoming and I couldn't continue wasting my life for a 7-5 job. It wasn't like the salary befitted the workload!

I had to quit!

I also had one small car I bought when I no dey think of anything. I sold it and used part of it to buy a land like that. I had saved some N800k already. So I paid my rent with N200k.

So here's what I did:

I thought of a business that'll likely yield profit immediately, and around my budget. I had been to Togo and remembered how selling First Grade OK shoes was the new gold for students and people who wanted a side hustle.

I travelled down there then and returned with 100 pairs of OK shoes. As at then, I bought it for N370k.

N370k + logistics rounded the money up to N400k.

Now, I put the goods in one room in my apartment and the chase for a shop began. Since I couldn't afford those ones of N1m that where located at the heart of the business in my location, I opted for an affordable one.

In fact, everything for the rent was some 180k.

Omo, looking for a shop no bi beans.

I did the painting and decor, carpentry (learnt in school), and electricals (learnt in school).

Materials I bought was some N15k. I was left with N5k or less.

As I cleaned and sampled my petty goods, some customers were already purchasing. Mehn, after the whole stress that day, I made N30k.

In fact, it was then I said I wouldn't work for anyone and be answering “sir” upandan. I'm quite hardworking and in a short time, from retailing...I began ordering in tonnes and have a warehouse.

It has been easy as it is written here but I have seen people ask if N600k can make any profit. Yes, it can. I also do some side hustles like research writing, proofreading, hardware repairs on PC and tracking of lost devices, computer consultancy, and work as an academic assistant.

So I think it all depends on you! Maybe I have not reached the height I want to reach, just mehn, the way my life every year becomes better than the last no bi beans. As a first son, and to say my nuclear family bi like an extended family, I know I am trying...cos it's not easy at all to carry many people's responsibility as yours.