Kidnappings On The Increase Now: Please take note of the following measures!!!

The only way to be your brother's keeper in Nigeria today, is by sharing any security tips that can be of help. We wish to share with you, some few security tips to guard your daily activities henceforth because the current state of insecurity in the country is really alarming.

The only person to trust now in this country is yourself and your God! Therefore, to avoid being a victim of kidnapping, please read the following tips and share with your loved ones now to save them from harm.

Tip 1. Never use car stickers that say where you work, especially if you have a prestigious job.

Tip 2. Never share pictures of your kids in their school uniforms or badges. Protect your kids!

Tip 3. When you attend parties, don't let the band get you so high that you start spraying money. Use an envelope.

Tip 4. Don't be the one that tries to empty the ATM machine by making large withdrawals ...You don't need 100k in your wallet to feel like a man in an open withdrawal point. Use the bank, and bag your sums.

Tip 5. Always delete your bank transaction notifications, especially really can memorize your bank balance....Shred your POS/ATM receipts.

Tip 6. Don't go jogging while it's dark, you really should be smarter than that. If you can, get someone trusted as company.

Tip 7. Always lock your doors, even if you're only going out to switch off your generator.

Tip 8. NEVER NEVER, NEVER EVER WEAR YOUR ID outside your work place. No one needs to know where you work.

Tip 9. Be accountable to your spouse or parents, let someone know where you are at every point.

Tip 10. As much as you can, don't send kids alone on errand outside your house, they are soft targets.

Tip 11. Don't try to show that you are the richest in the neighborhood by making large donations in your estate meetings, learn modesty.

Tip 12. When you give, give with modesty and privately, learn to say "I can't spare that amount now". 

Tip 13. Don't stay late in your office long after closing hours. That deadline work can be done later or at home if you wish.

Tip 14. Make safety the number one factor in your decision always!

Tip 15. Mind what you post about yourself on social media. 

16. Never make any attempt to open your gate/door to even your child, brother or any relative in the night particularly dead nights, they might be use to get you easily. NO MATTER WHAT JUST TELL THEM, TILL IN MORNING. SIMPLE PROTECT YOURSELF. DUNIYA TA LALACE.

God will keep and protect me/you/us as we also apply discretion.

Share this to save a brother!

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You are saving someone by sharing this today!!!