According to Wikipedia, Truth or dare is a mostly verbal party game requiring two or more players. Players are given the choice between answering a question truthfully or performing a "double dare", both of which are played by both players. The game is particularly popular among adolescents and children and is sometimes used as a forfeit when gambling.

I remember watching a Hollywood movie titled Truth or Dare. Yes, you can guess right: the motives of the game were derailed. Like humans were looking to every means to be in charge and do all sorts of things, those teens in the movie used the game to carry out selfish actions.

The most interesting part of the game for perverts is Dare. In this part, they dare you to do their bidding. And when the challenger is back against the wall ready to succumb, they are at the receiving end benefitting. To make matters worse, the movie wanted viewers to understand that you have to do what you have been dared to, or say the truth—encouraging the beauty of the manipulation—so they introduced a death penalty to defaulters! This is what people have in mind when they play! 

In Nigeria, most children only want to play the “Dare” part after they've used the “Truth” to solicit cheated answers to their questions. It's the manner of responses gotten that will determine how positioned the Dare would take. This was the fate of those Chrisland students. They've burnt their bridges to ever having a good reputation. 

In the first place, why should members of the opposite sex play truth or dare! It's almost going to be sexual! I have hardly seen a guy request a guy to play the game! Or a girl, a girl! It's usually a guy to a girl or vice versa because the plan is to compel you to do sth crazy with the guise of a game command! The game is only going to sugarcoat the bad intentions! I see it as a borrowed courage! So cowardly.

Let's not throw caution to the wind! Let's stop running about in circles pretending we didn't see the signs that these were prone to occur. These children watch Big Brother Nigeria! This 24-hour station revolves around sex! They also play T or D! And when the time is saying the truth, anyone can lie! But when it's the turn to dare, you'll see crazy outcomes like caressing, kissing, or having sex! That's why many children want to play it—to deceitfully achieve their goals!

Parents shouldn't cut corners like the mum of the Chrisland student. In lieu, parents should be parents. Monitor everything! Parental care should include censorship of most things they watch, relevant curfews, and well-grounded principles. You cannot allow your underage daughter to call you sexy while you dress yet try to stop her from wearing miniskirts!

In conclusion, for children, you fellas need to step up your game! Understand that T or D is a snowball effect of the actual intent and shouldn't be played at all! Reprove those wanting to play the game with you since it's clear they are hiding behind a game to either sext with you, or have sex with you. Even if you play the game, understand that every cloud has a silver lining...and that's why you ace up the sleeves, while to them, those who want to engage you, you become a roadblock....their Achilles heel.