Who Should We Blame: Chrisland, The Parents, The Girl Or Society?

Who should we blame?

Before una blame, ask yourself, is there any content maker or skit maker in Nigeria, so- called comedians, that you can feel relaxed watching their content with your kids? Mr Marcaroni? Sydney? NastyBlaq? Even BrainJotter has given kids new slangs: “you no get yansh.”

They all promote sex! It's always been sex! Sex! Sex! And guess what? We find nothing wrong with it!

And so?

That's why children are experimenting! They watch everything you watch! In Nollywood, if it's not teaching the use of cult language, it's getting rich quickly, or sex! In music, it's sex and leaked tapes! They have all these at their disposal in a smartphone.

 There's one movie..I think Selina Tested blabla...what's the usefulness of that movie in society? And to say it has millions watching it baffles me! The movie clearly promotes cultism!

Both in Hollywood, it's either magic, being possessed by a [s]superhero[/s] witchy trait, having a bad side, living a double life, shooting, or sex! And many children have watched some movies before you!

What else?!

Talking about Chrisland, let's not pretend we don't know these are happening around us. In many schools, porn and leaked tapes are in gigabytes on their phones. Our music is rotten. Celebrities with a loose sense of fashion. The world is breeding a new era of what you parents failed to prevent! And that's why when you talk of a girls-only school in Nigeria, you think of lesbianism. Because it's true! They do it at whim! A girls-only school in Nigeria has male staff members and some of them use them! You see lots of abortion pills and all that from secondarians! Secondarians!

Children are having sex even under your roof! Don't scream God forbid! It is! Some are part-time prostitutes! Yes, some are!

Back to Chrisland...

Just like every other schools in Nigeria, their best is not enough! The I-dont-care life of teachers is becoming unbecoming and that's why these events occur at whim! Stricter measures must be taken and members of the opposite sex should never be allowed in private areas! Even in public areas, there must be in groups!

Should Chrisland be locked down?


Inasmuch as Chrisland should be very careful while mixing both genders and putting more measures, it's also the responsibility of parents to train a child properly and guide what they consume morally.

Was it really coverup? Even if it was, Child porn should never be a breaking news! Chrisland took action by suspending the culprits! I understand Chrisland has been in some old mess of late but, haba, judge cases individually. Chrisland is sb’s business and schools have ethics. You wanted them to publish the news? News of child porn?

To stain the image of the school?

The parents?

The girl?

They tried to leverage those!

They tried to die the matter even though it was a serious one!

They tried to allow the matter die in the school!

Do you know the reputation of the little girl in the video now, and in the future after you folks linked and shared the video!

That's what Chrisland were protecting!

Do you know?


Omotola’s daughter is a product of Chrisland. Of course, we saw her wearing panties and bras recently. She's a role model. Tueh! What are the adults teaching the children? That big bombom is an asset! That breast is a green card! That sex is the redpill!

There are few reasonable people in the entertainment industry! Others promote sex! 

But don't they say majority wins the vote?

Nude has been given a new name: Bikini. Posting adult content and rubbish is now called “cruise.” Walking naked is now called sexy.

The internet is saturated with diff formats of pornographers. If it's not useless Ruger singing “i want to fxxck your pu pu na,” it's that old layer Tiwa exposing her nude, or that agbero is jeans Oxlade.

But they'll come out and be shouting “lockdown Chrisland, lockdown Chrisland.”

Hanty, before they lockdown Chrisland, y'all should learn to put your panties inside clothes! Na y'all idiots dey spoil pikin.

The parents?

Make una train una children properly! You allow them consume enough pornography! Music, movies in the right proportion and content is good. Music and movies with any sexual activity is bad for them!

The parents of the girl should stop forcing the rape allegations, my opinion tho. The video clearly showed a girl and some group of boys having consensual carnal knowledge. I know it's a big shame to them but white should never be painted black! Your daughter is a mess.

Most parents don't even know their tech devices have parental control. Yes, you can control their phones, the satellite and everything! Some countries force parental control policies. YouTube has YouTube for kids. DSTV and other satellites have parental control measures. Even an android phone! What excuse do you have now! You exposed them!

PS: I don't share child porn and I will never share any video so don't bother sending the mails. Thanks.

Small pikin of 10 years wey get android cannot learn anything from Naija celebrities. Just take a look at the body of a ten year old! How on earth does a ten year old have breasts! That means no bi today she start. Ten years old with experience! She should be flogged mercilessly! Shame on her!

The kids?

Shame on those kids!

Most kids too are too corrupt to be corrected! 

Tbh, y'all—the parents, the kids, society—failed in making society conducive!

And to all those people here playing police against those who want to watch the Chrisland video and saying they are reporting them, if dem no watch am, how dem wan take judge? You watch your own come dey yarn okoto. Instead of being overly protective—typical of Nigerians only when a bad omen occues, kindly warn against sharing it since it's Child Porn! The video is everywhere!

Tackle the mosquito not always the malaria!