Avoiding death is possible inasmuch as it is inevitable. The world is filled with wickedness that a little comfortability can add another number to a thousands way to die. Read and learn below on the new seven ways to die in Nigeria.

Credits: https://1000waystodie.fandom.com/wiki/Cult_Evaded

1. The sleepover.

 This one is regular now. Your old time (or everyday) friend telling you they want to have a sleepover at your place only to try to hack out your life at night for rituals. Of course, you let them in because they are your friends! Are you their friend?

Please be careful. Avoid friends who are desperate to be rich! Desperate-to-be rich friends can do anything! Think about it if your life were their only alternative to becoming rich!

2. “I can't let you trek in the sun.” 
I heard about some men giving some pregnant (or newly born) women lifts all in the guise of pity and not allowing her remain in the scorching sun. 

I also heard they often have some charm placed on the back seat that either hypnotizes the woman or takes the child's life after she alights.

To those young girls whose eyeballs would pop on seeing a car stop close to them, I wish to see you in the resurrection!

Fam, please be careful.

3. Prayer Militants.
Some cast-and-bind people are now using their desperate victims for money rituals. 

Dear women, it is not the work of another mere man to spiritually transfer a child to your womb. Please beware. 

Most of these women, in their quest of looking for the fruit of the womb, lose everything. You may be sexually abused and snapped (pictures), raped, extorted, or even murdered! The crazy thing is that when you are snapped, you risk being blackmailed.

I know of a case where this similar thing happened. Her husband was a General so it was easy to mobilize boys after the prayer warrior had defrauded her of over nine million nairas. 

The husband came to be barracks to see the boys and one told him outright that the wife came with the intention of having him (her husband) killed, and since they weren't killers, they only thought of punishing her by defrauding her. These boys brought out pictures of the unclad wife carrying a calabash on her head!

Long story short, the woman is single now and the boys were freed.

4. Do not leave your drink open!
 Do not leave your drinks open to go anywhere! This is the oldest way to die. We have just entered the ember-month. Yeah, binge drinking comes to mind, yeah? 

Please men, you really have no excuse in this world to leave your drink open to go anywhere. Many have died!

5. Help me ignite
I'll teach you this trick. You'd be walking to your destination and would be stopped by a seemingly rich guy or lady begging you to help them turn on the ignition, on intervals, of their car while they fix sth outside the bonnet.

They'll persuade you to sit inside and jam the door so it wouldn't be obstructing a passer-by. Long story short, you could be jailed for life doing this.


What if the vehicle was being chased? What if they had murdered sb inside the boot or some arms?

Be wise.

6. Robbers on checkpoints. 
Confirm the routes you are travelling these days. There are more smart uniformed robbers on those lonely short routes you are planning to ply than there are the armed forces.

Avoid shortcuts, it could be a shortcut to die.

7. It is not a do-or-die to carry a car home this December.
 Yeah, I get it, you want everyone to know you've arrived and all those gibberish so you don't bother doing anything for the trophy?

 It may impress you to know that some of those people who'd do the charms also want to have cars...you may be the best option!

To the flexxers, continue. Girls, be careful. Guys, be careful too. Parents, be an eagle over your children.

I'll stop here. 

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