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Five things you should look out for while fuel in a Nigerian fuel station.

Let’s take a look at five things you should look out for in a fuel station, you might find some a little bit weird but that’s the main fact.
The effective and the simplest or easiest way of creating illegal gains is the adulteration of fuel. After series of fractional distillation from crude oil, fuel happens to be one of the product that is gotten from it. Some petrol dealers contaminate the fuel by adding some end product from crude oil residues like the Naphtha.

Well, let's look at what to avoid and do while you are at the station.

First, let's learn to do the right thing to do. It's advisable to always turn off your engine completely before fueling. There are many reasons why you would want to do this. 

One of such reasons is because it might cause explosion, and set the place ablaze. Nigerians especially, take this thing for granted until it has happened to one person.

Now, your mobile phones. Mobile phones emit radiation and hence cause fire outbreak. Nigerians can relate to this, they would want to pick calls in that environment because they have not seen it explode and they would often say " nothing dey happen". 

Prevention is better than cure. The fuel station is not a place for making calls, it's better you switch off your phone.

You wouldn't want to play with your health, so please try not to bring any thing like cigarettes and matches, which could ignite fire at the fueling station. You would like to return back home safely to your lovely family and friends. Drive safely. 

Read on on five things you should know to avoid being defrauded in a Nigerian fuel station.

1. The unnecessary joviality
Fuel station scam are not new anymore! Although the attendants in these pump station receive very low income, especially here in Nigeria, it is not a reason to defraud. 

But any attendant that can be smart can make more money out of it by cheating customers by merely acting jovial and stealing your attentions from the meter and dispenser!

2. The meter
 When a petrol attendant resumes work in the morning, he takes the reading on the meter, on the fuel dispenser, which is the opening meter. After the sales for the day by the attendant, he / she returns to the manager with the money they sold while taking the rest home. Watch out for registered fuel stations. Many fuel stations reset their meters!

3. The oh-sorry trick
Attendants can scam you using the forgetful trick by nodding to a particular music or doing sth else when you request for a fill up (for example). They will knowingly put a particular liter or amount, then pretend they didn't hear you say fill up. 

When you reprimand and correct them, they will apologize and attribute it for forgetfulness.

 Now here's the trick: instead of them to reset and start over, they click the recall button and continue but you'll have to pay double. The “recall” helps an attendant recall the last ten purchases. The fraudulent ones can use it to defraud you! 

They can recall to an old purchase, say ₦2000, and begin from there to serve you for a deal of ₦5000. You'll only get ₦3000 worth of fuel but pay ₦5000.

4. Always observe the nozzle (fuel dispenser)
When the nozzle is hung properly, it resets to the default; zero. But when not hung properly, they reserve your fuel there to use to sell to others. Also, please note this, longer nozzles automatically reserves your fuel and it goes back to the engine -- enough fuel for them! E shock you?

5. The please-fill-up people
Taking advantage of people requesting for a fill up is very easy for a fraudulent attendant. They may just pump air of ₦3000 for you and fuel of ₦10000. You'll hadly notice if you aren't smart!

I understand this post came as a shocker but you can outsmart them if you come down from your car and watch everything. Even when you are buying in a gallon, don't be carried away by anything.

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