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Five reasons you don't want to have a side chick.

Here are five interesting reasons why do don't want to have a side chick. Let's take a look at these few reasons. Happy reading!

1. You will lose your happy family.
Families are forever, but these side chick or mistress comes and goes. By the end of the day if anything bad happens to you, your families are your number one to take care of you. 

Spend more time with that family you have created. It was never a mistake you made to choose your wife. You don't want to be caught with a side chick that will end your beautiful home in a day and bring about divorce and separate you from your kids, starting all over again is a big stress. 

Be contended with your wife, make her look like what you want her to be, spend that money on her, she deserves it.
Think about it when your partner finds out you are cheating on them unknowingly to you; they can also end you... remember, she prepares your meal.

2. SDIs.
Sleeping with another lady that is not your wife is a risk. What makes you think you’re the only man in her life? Definitely, you don't know side chicks are corporate hookers!

What if she is sleeping around with someone that is infected? Most times, in men the symptoms of these infected diseases delay, it could take months or some years to manifest, afterwards, you spread this Infection to your sweet and ignorant wife and blame her for being reckless.

 ...and that's if it didn't  end your life.

3. Extravagant spending.
Cheating can make you spend more, in other words, it's expensive. The money you are about to spend on a side chick might be more productive if you put it somewhere reasonable. 

These side chicks are always there to exploit you; that car or IPhone or house or even money you are about to give her, think about it,.

They love expensive things that they cant even afford for themselves. You might end up spending so much money on side chicks than your own family.

4. You are becoming responsibly irresponsible. You’re gradually losing the gentle man in you, you become the father of liar to your own wife, always giving her excuses, just to be with this side chick.

 What if you're being caught by your wife's friends or even someone that has so much trust in you and exposes what he or she saw to your family?

 Sleeping with different women is not morally good, and it's totally condemned everywhere meaningful! The bible condemns it, and so other religious books! One man to one wife is always the real deal. Be a responsible man!

5. She will kill you when there are better prospects. Once she sees a more potential or expensive thing of yours that could change her life, she would kill you! Of course, the news of late sends many messages! 

Spend that hard earn money of yours with wisdom, your family needs it more.

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