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Five reasons why eating from fast food joints is not advisable

Please understand this post does not in anyway disrespect those people who sell food as a source of income, or who endeavour to sell quality meals. 

By the way, let's take a look at few of these reasons! Don't jump to number 2!

1. Hygiene
Fast food is a quick food. Yeah, you don't have the time to cook and all that bla bla. Before going to that fast food, think about a clean environment. Unless you don't have any problems with dirtiness, then skip this post.

 Due respect to cooks but a large number of these places these food is cooked stink.

Health wise, fast food may contain excess amount of fat, sodium, spices and cholesterol, and can also be detrimental to your health.

I have seen a large number of people devouring a new kind of gigantic pommo in vogue without giving recourse to what it contains. A little background check shows that these ponmo are very very dirty before preparation and maggot-infested. Let me not go farther; the choice is yours if you want to continue eating rice ₦100, spaghetti ₦50, ponmo ₦300.

 Sometimes, people fall sick and even stool and puke after eating fast food; this is because the food was not prepared by them to know all its ingredients.

Another blockbuster is that fast food sellers are likely to prepare left over food to customers and lie about it being fresh. How can you tell! 

Most fast food sellers too are dirty. You probably don't know if their utensils are clean, or the pots used for cooking those meals are clean. You don't even know the ingredients!

 It's inappropriate and less hygienic to eat fast food, it's better to prepare food with your own hands for a healthy living. 

I remember eating in Ikotun market in Lagos. When I was paying, I noticed the woman was all covered with a wrapper (head to toe) and funnily enough, it wasn't hijab. She even had to pierce a hole through the wrapper to collect her money from me only for my friend to tell me later that she was actually pooing there! There was a custard-container-made-potty there! O my father! To compound matters, there was another lonely looking poo at the rear of the beans cooler deposited by her weak four-year old.

Shift, lemme die please.

2. What makes up these fast food sellers.
In a world like this where people do so many things for money, anything is possible. Don't sigh must have heard about it too.

Let's take for instance, you have two restaurants close to a junction, and Restaurant-A doesn't sell much because they have few customers, but Restaurant B sells much and have so many customers. What are you thinking? Iya Basira?

 Most of these fast food sellers use charms to lure customers and make them forget about any other restaurants. You might be wondering why you're addicted to one particular fast food, no matter the crowd you still choose their food. You use your tongue as a sponge and queue up for hours, enduring insults. Lol.

There are so many ill stories of when people use their pants, women periods, water used to bathe corpses, and even millipedes to prepare their food because they want to make excess profit. Sorry I made you puke but it's damn true!

3. Save Money
It is better to visit the grocery store or go to the market to buy your food stuff, this will save you money. Even bachelors can do it! Cooking how-tos are littered everywhere on the internet!

 After preparing your soup and stew, they last for some days while been preserved in the refrigerator. Even if you don't own a freezer, your cooker is idle.

Fast food joints are more expensive and could consume your money especially when you take more orders. Sometimes these fast food sellers intentionally make the food so small that customers would buy more. Cooking and eating in your home could make you save your money.

4. Family time.
Men eat out more, especially when they have lots of work to do at the office, they really don't have time for home-made food. Eating together with the whole family brings more love and more bonding to the family. Spend more time with your wife and kids, eat together and know each other better.

5. Adequate Meal
Adequate meal or balanced diet is the real deal. Excess consumption of junk and fast food might make you obsessed and lose shape. Most times, Bachelors and spinsters consume fast food, which makes them kitchen-irresponsible. Lol. You need to see the face of a Nigerian lady in the morning queuing to buy food from a fastfood joint! Why being ashamed!

Spoiler apart, it's very appropriate to learn those kitchen skills, because someday you are going to make your own family and would want to give them the best adequate meal and also teach them those kitchen skills of yours and be a proud parent.

I understand some parents use this to take care of their kids, I respect you if you are hygienic and this post is not against you! Thanks for reading how to minimize or better still, understand why eating from fastfood is not advisable. Hope you enjoyed this article? Drop your comments below.