Five crazy things you need to know about shopping online with Jumia

 Shopping online can be very fast and convenient. But at the same time, whatever has an advantage also has a disadvantage. 

Let's take a look at few of them. Happy reading!!
1. Only 15 days money return warranty
Jumia might not be rated 90% because of this 15 days money return warranty. Immediately you make your order, your days are being counted as possible, even if your goods don't get to your doorstep. 

This might make you change your mind about this online shopping mall, though, it may look easier to order but what if your warrantee elapses?

Customers are not animals. They are humans, and at least, they should listen to their customer's suggestions about their services, after all customers are always right. Do you also know if you are to return it you'd be the one to foot the transport?

2. Fraud possibilities
Apart from Jumia, online shops are very risky these days, especially when it’s a pay-before delivery, anything could happen especially if you are ordering the goods for first time.

 So many persons want to scam the life out of you, and there is no way to report them. They will end up collecting your money and blocking you forever without no remorse. 

There are many persons that claim to be an agent at these online shopping mall. It's best to know who your agents are before ordering your goods, some might end up blocking and stealing your goods from you.

In fact, avoid working with any agents; work directly with the company, at least, to have a proof.

3. Lack of touch and feel of your commodities
This aspect is very disturbing most times, yet the reverse will always be the case. The way you see these products online with high quality pictures might not be the same way it looks when it's been delivered to your doorstep.

 Most times some products like human hairs and even clothes are not advisable to order on Jumia, because you might get a different product entirely. Most times, a very inferior quality. Yes, we don't blame Jumia because there are stores that sell on it!

By the way, apart from reading the description of the product, nobody tells you anything about the product, which means that anything you see, you take it like that. Sometimes, the reviews don't add up after you have bought yours too. Some image may be deceptive. Let me give you a shocker: most of their items (electronic, foodstuff etc) are smaller than what they appear on the site! It will shock you!

4. No payment on delivery
Payment on delivery is now hardly accepted on Jumia. Imagine placing an order on Jumia and the product is in bad condition, and Jumia's response on this will be " There's nothing we can do about it, try filling for a refund after reading the refund policy". 

Another annoying thing is that you'll be compelled to pay before even seeing what you purchase...if you succeed for a pay-on-delivery.

5. Unverified product
Jumia might not have most of their products online, sometimes they place orders on those shops that supply the goods to their customers. However, some brands are not verified on Jumia.

 Let's say for instance, you order for a product and the next thing your see is that they've removed the product because it's not verified. For the sake of their customers, they should at least verify their brands.

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