Five adverse effects of Yahoo-plus they don't tell you

...originally written by Tina.

Yahoo Yahoo or Yahoo plus has become one of the trending means of making money fast; yahoo meaning fraud and yahoo plus meaning deploying fetishism to defraud.

Here are five effects of Yahoo-plus you don’t know about...and probably, they didn't tell you:

1.Incurable illness
The love for money is the root of all evil. Money is good, money is bad. The reason why I said so is because once your love for money is more than the love you have for humanity then, you're one of them. 

Most young men, especially, engage themselves in extorting and scamming through cyber crime.  This has been like a normal thing for the Africand.

They have graduated from from scamming people to carrying out evil practices, which could be serving a diety, using your loved ones, using some part of your body and even sign an untimely death for themselves because of wealth, power, popularity, and cars.

Yahoo Yahoo which is also Yahoo plus has blinded the hearts of youth, using charm on the victim and even on themselves to hypnotize their victims into paying them. It is only God that will see this generation through.

2. Lack of peace
Considering the scary process you have to undergo and the inhumane things you need to carry out for a successful ritual, there is no way you can live peacefully. 

You might be required to kill a loved one or use a body part and the thought will forever hunt you. The devil has power too. If he gives you wealth, get ready to dance to the tune of his music when the time comes. 

This will surely leave you frustrated and insecure, you might run mad or even die in the process of seeking for solution once it gets tough and demanding. Sorry, you might not run mad. You will run mad.

3. Generational curses
Imaging scamming someone that is also fetish and serves a higher juju or whatever, it will surely bounce back at you by the time he or she calls what they serve.

 Engaging in yahoo plus is not only going to make things difficult for you but for your generations yet unborn. Infact, let me burst your brain, what if you don't even have any successor after you? What if you sold your manhood? What if you swore with your wife's womb? Will there be any remedy ? NO, you are a full fool.

4. Untimely death
Yahoo-plus is like signing a contract with your life. You will definitely get rich but for how long. Most young men that engage in it end up dying painful deaths just after a few years of engaging in yahoo-plus.

5. Instant Madness
This happens so much! It's either the victim they use the ritual or the Yahoo Yahoo guy run mad when they're been exchanged for money and become mad for the rest of their lives. 

All in the name of "Make I make this money.” It's not a do or die affair, that money you're looking for, you might have it and still not have peace for the rest of your life. 

The choice is all yours it's either you join the gang of Yahoo plus and face the daring consequences or stay away from toxic friends that would advise you to take the risk and tell you life is all about risk. A word is a enough for the wise.

Thanks for reading!!!