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Ten types of ladies you will find at a typical Nigerian Wedding

Weddings are moments of celebration and happiness in Nigeria. People from far and near come to celebrate with you.There are some other kinds of people you will also notice there.

Here are 10 Types of ladies you are likely to find at a Nigeria wedding:

1. The notice-me type
Every wedding has that lady that came to outshine the bride in term of dressing, make up and jewelry’s thereby taking the spotlight away from her. 

Most times, some ladies appear gorgeous in their friend's wedding and even more beautiful than the bride, just to seek for attention. Cow will jam you.

2. The Selfie Queen
These type of ladies will be in competition with the photographer, their gallery will have more pictures than the couple’s wedding. 

They probably don’t care what is happening, they just need pictures for social media and make the whole world notice their presence. Hanty, is it your wedding? What's all this na?

3. The Critics
These type of ladies are the judge, jury and executioner at the wedding. They will always have something to say, for example, noticing if the groom is handome; if there is a bump on the bribe's belly; poor selection of music or the guests did not spray money like Obi Cubana. 

Sometimes they will even conclude by saying the bride is ugly and wouldn’t give birth to adorable kids. Women and gossip goes hand in hand, they will always make conclusion about the couples.

4. The ones that came with extra bag
Don’t let their good looks fool you. They came only for the food and takeaway. Iyawo Nylon Bag.

They won’t cook in their house that day. They will want to pack breakfast, lunch, dinner, and mid-night gossip food for three days. 

..and if the food is not up to what they expect, they will talk about it and spread it like wildfire.

5. The Party Starters
All what these sets are interested in is scattering the dance-floor with the latest dance steps. Please avoid these kinds of people if you cannot dance; they'll draw you out to the crowd to embarrass your village. 😰

Jokes apart,  honestly without these ones, your wedding might end up being boring and looking like a funeral.

6. The single and searching.
They are on their best behavior, ready to approached by any legible bachelor. They have been waiting for Mr right and probably hoping to see their prince charming at your wedding.

Please, in anything you are doing in this life, whenever they call the aso ebi to go and select bail-men, stop pressing that phone and run. You'll spend your one month salary there. Don't say I didn't tell you.

7. The Jealous Ex
They came to see what they missed out on and they are probably plotting how to ruin your wedding and objects when given the chance. If you see her near the kitchen or sth, please just arrest her.

8. The ones looking to get freaky
You are doing well! Believe it or not , some ladies are not looking for anything serious, they just want to get tipsy and get freaky, they just might get lucky. This is where you can buy one HIV and get two STDs free.

9. The Gate Crasher
They have no idea who is wedding. All they know is Saturdays are for wedding. The will be looking so dressed and important, you will probably think they are related to the couple. Real okuko Igbo!

Some might go to the extreme to borrow clothes, shoes and those expensive jewelries just to look good. Of course, they will meet guys who also borrowed cars. 

10. The Emotional
“Love can be so beautiful it can make you want to shed tears” na their quote. They are so emotional you would think they are the ones getting married. 

When it's time for the groom and bride to kiss, boom, you'll see them. These set of ladies are always wiping their tears and are never short of “Awwww”. Let me not even remember those sorts who lie about their names.

Well, do you have sth more to add? We are waiting..drop it.