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Ten things every Nigerian mother must not do to a child after delivery.

If it’s your first experience as a new mom, your baby’s fragility may be very daunting.

1. Don't not throw babies up while bathing them! Do not dare this! You could end up killing your child should they slip your hands, due to the slippery nature of the soap and water. 

Don't throw babies in the air no matter the ongoing excitement you have with them at that moment, it's hazardous.

2. Newborns don't have a low immunity, so they're at risk for contacting germs. Ensure to observe good hygiene with strangers who carries your baby. 

If I were you, I wouldn't let strangers carry my baby, and I will limit the neighbours who want to by buying an all-cover lock bed for the baby so that neighbors can see but cannot touch.

3. Never shake your infant, whether in play or frustration. Don’t shake or wiggle a child, it could cause the baby’s brain to bleed and could also kill the baby. Always try to wake your infant gently by caressing your baby's feet.

4. When babies are 2-3 months old, they want to explore, make sure your baby is secured and tightened into his/her carrier, perambulator or automobile seat.

 Restrict any activity that could be too rough for safety reasons. An infant is not ready for tough play.

4. it is always important to place babies on their backs to sleep comfortably which reduces the risk of a syndrome known as (sudden infant death syndrome) SDI.

5. Don't raise the volume of your music or television set so high, because it could damage the baby's sense of hearing.

6. Don't use your mouth to blow air into babies' nostrils, it's not hygienic. Use soft cotton instead.

7. Newborns are unaware of their environment, it is important to keep sensitive and sharp objects out of reach to avoid injuries and burns.

8. Disconnect all electrical appliances when they are not in use to avoid hazards especially when babies are learning their first step.

9. When new babies are born with an umbilical cord attached to their naval, water should not come close to the umbilical cord, rather the use of completely dry towel should be practiced for easy removal.

10. Some newborns, especially when they are premature, have problems after birth which could affect their lungs, blood, hormones, gastrointestinal and their liver. 

It very important to go for antenatal during pregnancy, to avoid those implication in other to deliver a healthy baby.

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