Ten reasons why Nigerian women cheat.

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Cheating is one of the major problems of most relationship, little wonder why many Nigerian relationships have fallen more times than the wall of Jericho.
 Let's take a look at those mind blowing reasons why this gender cheats. Happy reading!

1. Past Experience
A woman* who has gone through a lot of heartbreak will surely want to revenge back to back and hurt someone else. But is that a good reason? We move...

2. A gold digger
Women love money more than anything else in the world. The mention of sb sending them money can make them so emotional that they can even cry. 

All she cares about is your money and not even her man. Some ladies eventually leaves, when the man is not buoyant enough. 

The lust for material things have gone so high that most ladies don't care about their partner's feelings (fck their feelings, right?) and they go on and double date so as so update their status within their prime...hence, they double their monthly “in-cum.”

Update: Most ladies will still cheat on you even if you have money. They have a tendency to.

3. Sex demands
On this note, most of the male and female possess high libido. The urge for uncontrollable and unsatisfied sex might make some ladies find their selves in the arms of another man, outside their relationship. 

4. Emotional care
While you're busy working and spending on your girlfriend without giving her attention, she will get some pretty good attention from another man and still act like everything is fine. Women needs affection and attention, they say.

5. Vulnerability
One minute you're in love with Mr. A because he's cute, and the next minute you're deeply in love with Mr. B because he's super cute. Most ladies fall for this, they always want to be with the cutest guys and sleep around with them.

Update: Don't get this wrong; women can still cheat for nothing.

6. Alcohol
When a lady is addicted to alcohol, anything could happen, she will be vulnerable at that moment after she must have been drunk, any guy could hang around her and make her cheat. 

Update: Marry a non-alcoholic. E get why.

7. Bad friends
Evil communication corrupts good manners. Some female friends would advise their friends that they cannot make it in life if they court one man. They tell them they need to be slay mamas. 

You might have that one friend that will push you to cheat on your partner for one reason or the other and the moment you cheat you're on your own. The circle of friends we make determines who we really are.

Update: To those guys who love without checking if they are reciprocated in the same energy, make I poke your bubble: a Nigerian girl can still love you so much yet marry who is ready.

8. Revenge
Just because someone told you that your partner cheated, without any proof, you would want to take an irrational decision by cheating back without observing your man, or try talking to him. Some ladies cheat back because they want to revenge. Isn't this fish brained?

Update: You can actually know when a girlfriend is cheating if you really want to. If I were you, even if I found out, I wouldn't confront her. Play her fool until two hours to the exchange of marital vows, then call the wedding off.

9. Distance
Long distance relationship is one major factor women cheat. When her demands are not met and she gets attention from someone very close to her, she will get attracted to the person as time goes on and would definitely cheat.

Update: Bro, don't do the long distance thingy. It mostly firing blanks. I strongly advise men to refrain from spending money training their supposed girlfriends in school. If she is in school, forget it: she is not yours. Yes, I said so.

10. Ex-Lovers, Beliefs, Reasonless Reasons
It could be her first love, her first crush that she cherishes so much. Once you make a lady feel uncomfortable in a relationship, she'll start by saying 'O! My ex was better! he wouldn't even try shouting at me!' 

Funny but true. That's a red sign. If you really want to make her forget her ex lover, you have to understand her completely so she can never remember the word ex. I'm lying. You don't need to do shit. If she compares you to her ex, leave her!

Some girls will know you both religious doctrines may not work out and still continue deceiving you. 

Update: Bro, I strongly advise you date sb who shares your beliefs. Don't ever explore. 

*: By women, we mean those majority who have a tendency to cheat, not all of them. In my honest opinion, with what we have seen in this country, I think, or should I say what we have experienced, you should strictly date them when you are ready for marriage to avoid Premium Tears.

I hope these ten reasons why Nigerian women cheat has helped you. Please drop your comment below.