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Five ways to woo a Nigerian Man without doing the talking

It is most times very frustrating to get a guy's attention especially when you're crushing on him. Women go through severe routine just to be noticed. 

 If you want a guy's attention without doing the talking, here are some few tips you shouldn't miss.

1. Go Easy on the Makeup
Guys are so dumb, they could be noticing nothing at all or noticing the length of your lashes and your eye brows, or whatever. Do it to get him.

Wear makeup, wear a good hair, dress decently, smell nice, look classy, always put a smile on that pretty face of yours! Stalk on him without wooing! yeah you heard me right! 

His Facebook and Instagram page! Take good pictures, go ahead with those killer looks, he'll definitely beg on his knees to have you.

Oh, sorry, I'm lying. 

There's nothing cool about your swag if you rock bad habit with it.

2 Love yourself and look attractive
Nobody likes rejection, however, loving yourself first is very important, because it boosts your confidence level. 

Build yourself to be bold and elegant, give prominence to your woman features, appear youthful. When he notices these defining features of yours, he will definitely get interested and wants to approach you to know you better. Mini-skirts and the cleavage thingy attracts Uncle Shaggies. Believe.

A man will not approach you if he does not find you physically attractive, look clean, fresh, smart and sharp. Create your own uniqueness around you.

3. Be jovial
A couple of misguided girls tend to feel that if they are rude, they are the SLAY QUEENS. 


If you're a fun and loving girl, with a sweet voice, you'll always get the crowd's attention, everyone would want to be your friend. 

Secondly, you don't have to be too loosed, don’t make yourself too available, act like you're not noticing him even when he's around you. 

Don’t find it hard to wear a smile on that pretty face! You heard me right, it’s very important, joviality and smiling goes hand in hand. He will definitely come around to get your attention.

Do you know? Guys who ran out of choices of who they want to marry will always synchronize the list of their present female friends and pick one?

4. Make yourself A Busy Bee
Guys love busy girls that are engaged with important things, it makes them go crazy and wants to get you.

That's downtime on your presence is bae.

While together, pretend. Yes, pretend positively. Get a few glances at him but make it very casual. Be relaxed. Pretend like you don't notice his glimpse, he will strive to be with you and also value your personality! 

It would be fun to tease him for falling for you! I hope you just smiled!!!

5. Add him on your social media platforms
This is another way to bomb! Yeah! go ahead and do it. Don’t play too hard to get; it won't take anything from you...I know it sounds a little weird.

 I understand a typical Nigerian girl will prefer a sentence to jail than taking the first move. You have to; it will take nothing from you.

For instance, add his friend. Tag his friends to your post. You are appearing on his timeline when you do the posts. Wait for it.

 Secondly, if he posts his pictures, don't comment on his post, rather reply on his comment to sb else tagging the person then asking questions like: “please do you have this novel, I have been looking for it, perhaps you might help me with it.”

Just make it offpoint from the trend.

 He will definitely see it. 

Well, let me tip your sth: if you're the shy type, face your fears. This world is not conducive for shy people because you'll mostly taken advantage of. Be bold.

I hope you enjoy reading! I wish you a happily-ever-after! Please comment on other things you know on how to get a man without doing the words.