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10 ways to make money as a digital marketer in Nigeria

Virtually everyone who owns a phone or a computer with an internet connection in Nigeria has engaged in digital marketing in one way or the other. 
Although you are quite ignorant of this because you haven’t made any cash from it.
What then is digital marketing? In simple terms, it is the process of promoting products and services using the internet and online-based technologies. 

You have probably helped a friend post their products on your social media, and he got a few clients off that; well, you engaged in digital marketing!

In this article, I will reveal 10 ways to make money as a digital marketer in Nigeria. Believe me, they're totally common and highly effective ways to make money with digital marketing.
Don't believe it? Read on!

10 ways to make money as a digital marketer in Nigeria

1. Blogging
Blogging is one of the most undisputed and common ways of making money as a digital marketer in Nigeria. Most blog owners with a decent audience and page visits get to make a handsome amount of money promoting products and services off their blogs.

Brands and companies find high-traffic blogs a great medium to up their conversion rate. Hence, owning an established blog will only maximize your profitability rate as a digital marketer.

2. Make money as a content writing specialist.
As a content specialist, you are in the drivers' seat when it comes to digital marketing. Great content is key to big sales, and more so if you can comfortably convince people to buy or patronize products or services with your impeccable writing skills. 

However, in order to increase your chances of getting hired and making money, you will need to develop your skills.

To that end, an Impeccable understanding of writing, search engine optimization, keyword research, and analytics will set you above the average content specialist mark in Nigeria.

3. Affiliate marketing
Digital marketing is never complete without affiliate marketing! If a business pays you Commission for their products or services, then that is what you would call affiliate marketing.

 The amount of money made depends on the number of people that have purchased the product or service through your affiliate link.
In order to get started as an affiliate marketer, you will first of all need an initial investment.

 Don't worry this isn't capital intensive, and the capital will be used to set up your affiliate marketing business with the necessary tools needed for the smooth and efficient running of your affiliate marketing business.

4. Selling your own digital products.
Selling your own digital products is a great way to earn money with digital marketing. Hundreds of highly demanded products at your disposal, all you need to do is choose a niche, create digital products, and sell them off the comfort of your house. 

Products like eBooks, online courses, presets, icons, templates, audio, photography, etc., are called digital products.

The good thing about selling digital products is that you never have to replenish inventory, unlike physical products.

5. Provide social media managing services
Nigeria Is fast embracing technological advancements, and as such, having specific skillsets will only give you more edge when job hunting. 

Another way to make a decent amount of money from your skills is by offering social managing media services as a digital marketer.
Many brands, companies, and individuals require social media managing services. 

Your job could range from creating and posting content, updates, running social media ads to gain more leads and more! You can have a decent life with a social media managing job as a digital marketer here in Nigeria.

6. Make money as an influencer.
Welcome to Nigeria, where established social media influencers are in high demand. With a large follower base, you can make a lot of money as a digital marketer.

Why is influencer marketing effective in making money as a digital marketer? It's simple, people believe more in words of the mouth, and this is most effective if they are from highly credible sources like celebrities. 

Imagine the tons of people who will patronize a barbing salon if a top Nigerian artiste like Davido were to make a video of him having a haircut and posted it on his Instagram; such salon will definitely go viral, thereby maximizing the customer conversion rate.

That's why you can make money as a digital marketer influencing off your social media handles.

7. Start your own digital marketing agency.
With the increasing need for digital advertising in Nigeria, there has never been the best time to start your own digital marketing business.

In order to provide digital marketing services, you will need to learn and develop a set of digital marketing skills to enable you to serve your clients efficiently and comfortably.

8. SEO
Nowadays, you cannot just create high traffic content without a good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. 

Although having to learn SEO can seem a bit technical, you can start creating high-ranking content and increase lead generation through your SEO skills with dedication and hard work. 

What's more? People pay a huge amount of money for SEO experts.

To conclude, rendering SEO services is a very lucrative way to make money as a Nigerian digital marketer.

9. YouTube marketing
Have you ever wondered how much those well-established YouTube channels reel in? A whole lot if you have a large number of subscribers! 

But much better, you can earn commissions from brands per advertised product sold via your YouTube channel.

Whether you choose to build a brand, advertise products and services or utilize YouTube ads, you can make money as a digital marketer.

10. Web designing
Web designing can be a bit difficult to learn, but you are set for life as a digital marketer with this skill. 

Think of it this way, Virtually every business needs a good-looking website and as such will pay handsomely to recruit such service experts.

Digital marketing skills are in high demand, and there are several ways to make money as a digital marketer in Nigeria. 

With the right skill set and level of expertise, you too can be making huge amounts of cash every month as a digital marketer.

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