LOVE is a beautiful thing. The first date with a Nigerian girl has some lessons to learn. Have you been on a date with a Nigerian girl before, or are you planning to?
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Look out for these signs whilst on a date with a Nigerian girl:

1. The initial talk.
Before you book a date, be precise with the girl. Let her know your budget. You may not tell her directly but spell it out. You can say things as “I’ll budget N10k for the day.” Most greedy Nigerian girls see dates as a point to eat lunch and dinner.

2. Know if she is coming alone.
This is a very important stage. Never neglect this part. You may be expecting one person and she'll come with four friends of hers to devour your two months' salary.

3. Pick your place.
Let you alone pick your place. Even in her lists of places, pick the one you can afford.

4. Avoid forcing her to eat when she pretends she doesn't want to.
Bro, avoid this to avoid premium Tears. If she says she's not hungry, leave her be.

5. Avoid the urge to ask her out officially.
The truth about this is that most Nigerian girls wear their best attitude on the first date. Give her that benefit of the doubt.

6. If you hear “you are the third guy I am going out with,” bro, take cover. I repeat, take cover.
Don't be ensnared. It may be for ruins.

7. If she wouldn't do more of the talking, please walk away.
I can't subscribe to being talkative at dates while my lady adjacent is adding finishing interjections. I rather not talk at all!

8. If she wears miniskirts, anklets, or fixes loud lashes, it is the door for you.
How can sb with no feminine courtesy be for you? Unless, of course, you are not for the reality..but pawns.

9. Be wise.
Don't speak with your pockets. Don't be pressurized into spending what you cannot avoid. Be man enough to scream it's enough. Premium Tears is not bae.

10. Be the man.
In all, be the man in the conversation. Maintain direct eye contact; win the eye battle. Don't look elsewhere whilst talking. Don't send the wrong message you are shy, ashamed, or have low esteem. Be the man.

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