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The metropolis of God's Own State, Umuahia is a place to be. For people who haven't been to Umuahia before, you are about to learn about ten things to note before coming down to Umuahia South LGA of Umuahia.
Picture of a Tower in Umuahia. Picture from Wikipedia.
1. Umuahia South is dominated by Olokoro people.
Olokoro on its own is made up of about fifteen clans...Amakama, Umudere, Umuajata, Amizi, Amuzu, Umuobia, Old Umuahia, Umuoparaozara, Itu..among others. 

On a normal day, the villagers are nice and quite accommodating especially when you are “minding your business.”  Read again.

2. They do a masquerade thingy.
It wasn't up to three weeks I came, a female neighbour urged me to accompany her to “go watch obo with her.” We reached the market square and was introduced by fierce-looking masquerades ready to flog you for no reason if you don't run! I was also told you have to enter into a stall, or under anything like a shop, or else, you'd be flogged to shreds. I noticed it's a group thingy. If you belong to the group of religious set of people organizing the masquerade dance, you wouldn't be flog. These sets are called the ezumezu. Most time, these culture is performed to mourn a member of theirs who gave up the ghost.

3. Kings are buried with heads.
Now this is a traditional thing. When a king dies here, the fraction of elders that make up the cabinet will embark on human-head hunting. This tradition is relevant to them in order to send the monarch to his ancestors. Bros, if you dey come there for the first time, avoid night-outs. The best way to live is living alone.

4. Their men.
I was glad I met real nice people who were also industrious. However, there's always a difference between the rich class and the peasants. To a degree, there is a caste system noticeable there. The rich become richer and the poor poorer. A friend from Amakama there often told me that there's a high level of immorality there. We can't tell the degree because it's everywhere, right?

5. Education
Talking with a friend from Amizi, a village in Olokoro, he explained that after a child is done with his secondary school education, that is the end of parental care (if you are from a poor family). That child is left to fend for himself, many reasons most girls take to prostitution to eke out a living.  Those who reach the graduate level are those whose parents are learned, or the average class.

6. Their girls.
I wouldn't want to be baised, nevertheless, in as much as I appreciate the fact that's a handful of them can be found in tertiary institutions or sister universities, another handful of them have taken to either becoming housewives, hawkers, prostitutes, or just staying at home.

7. The fun.
I personally enjoy staying here during the end of the year. The fifteen villages often contribute with huge sum of money to host football leagues. The experience is magical with the myriad of fans around.

8. Business.
If you're coming here to set up a provision store or a business that will fetch you good money, be sure you are doing it in the city part of the state; that's from the places Isi Court to Gate. When you reach Gate, you'd see a Tecno company, Slot, and many others.

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