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Ten (10) things every Nigerian Jambites must know before entering the University in 2021

The dream of every Nigerian student who has just finished secondary school education is to be admitted into the University to pursue a career. After going through the ups and downs of writing Jamb exams, there are caught up in the middle of what the future has in store for them. 

In a few months from now, some students will begin processing their University Admissions.

I was going through some Facebook groups and saw questions from one of its members asking how the University world looks like. 

Hence, I present to you all prospective University students ten (10) things every Nigerian Jambites must know before entering the University in 2021.

1. The lecturer wouldn't pet you because you are a fresher, so sit up! 
A reverse psychology would happen! Some lecturers will try to outsmart you if you aren't careful because they'll feel you are the most vulnerable set of students in the school. 

You know, jjc ( Jimmy Just Come). 

These are more reasons you'll need to become vibrant before and after admission. 

Most of you were bookworms before admission, don't relent. Keep the positive energy alive. It pays to read!

2. Do NOT follow the “dem no dey carry first” or “las las school na scam gang”.
Every university student knows this. The moment you are enrolled and exams are fast approaching, you'll begin to see this gang coming around, especially if you are brilliant.

They'll use that language to lure you into either engaging in malpractice for them or helping them out in one way or the other. 

Should you be disturbed?  Yes.

This is your life you are pursuing! You owe nobody pity. They wouldn't read but want you to share the efforts of your sleepless nights with them, hence they project and garnish their failure with those never-ending poetry.

Life in the University is not like in the secondary. Be prepared. Yes, like a hunter going to hunt prey, if you are prepared, no task will seem new to you.

Remember, a first-grade and third-grade graduates aren't the same. Don't let anyone position your mind against learning.

3. Hail you Punters.
I will not mince words with you at all. When you were in secondary school, you received stipends from your parents, to sustain you during lunchtimes and all whatnot. Of course, it will continue.

If you are a diehard gambler, your education will end in premium tears.  I had a coursemate who used his school fees to gamble hoping to win billions and be richer than Elon Musk with 100 staked.

You can guess the aftermath, he ended up being disappointed and losing two things: his billionaire quest, and the only thing that made him human; his education.

During exams, he'd cry and beg lecturers to allow him to sit for these papers, with unrealistic promises to pay these bills. Of course, nobody listens to your shortcomings during this period! My Mr Punter friend is now a conductor in one of the busiest garages in Lagos.

4. Prostitute-in-law.
Honestly, honey, a tertiary institution will not check how you live your life. If you think you are coming down here to showcase your oloshopreneurship, it will end in premium tears. It always does!

Ashawo no bi Forex.

Some lecturers would like your type and make sure they suckle out the last life in you before you finish your stay there ( that's if you would not die of sexually transmitted diseases, being affected with a lifelong infection, or escape failing the course).

The girl child is the most vulnerable. They tend to abandon the normal path to education they came for to start keeping numerous boyfriends ( money boyfriends, intimate boyfriends, senate boyfriends, vice boyfriends, mechanical boyfriends, and the floor members). It will end in premium tears!

“Aren't people aborting unwanted children?” you may ask. Think about it, who is at loss? You? Your future? Your boyfriend(s)? Or me? The answer is written in gold.

5. Sexually transmitted grades.
You are most likely to meet these lecturers! They will make the course so tasking for you that your last resort is to sort. Sorting means trading by barter.

To males, they can easily demand bribes in exchange for grades. To females, three things are involved. Some may request money. Some may want to have carnal knowledge with you. Some may want both. This is where your principles should be alive.

Yeah, I get it, you don't know the course. You don't know Maths, you never knew it..and that may be the only way. You have a paused brain. What is stopping you from knowing that course is YOU. You never tried! You never challenge yourself! 

You are always there to glue to the intelligent folks..as though they have four heads. Funnily enough, what you do not know is that the thin line between brilliance and intelligence is the person. You have to challenge yourself. Attend lectures regularly, read before lectures.

6. To succeed, attend all lectures. Read before lectures. Keep squares out of your circles. Avoid cultism.
The adage “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” rings a bell. You are the mirror of the company you keep, no matter how it is easy to deny it.

Keep squares from your circles. You aren't here to make friends. You are here to build those holes in your life.

Cultism will kill you! It isn't worth the blind bullet.

Tips: “Some of our parents had to sell their lands to sponsor us. Some of our family feed from hand to mouth. Some of us are the light of the family. Don't compete with those who depend on their family when your family depends on you.”

Do you know?
You have all the time in the world to misbehave but only a few moments to decide to be useful before you become useless for life! Choose the right course; not everyone there has a future.

7. Exams are quite easy. You don't just realize how.
The simplest part of the whole semester is during the exams. I understand, you'd argue. Well, that's because your circle of friends right from childhood has made you believe that it is the hardest part. 

You are wrong.

Do you have the onions?

The best ways to pass any exam are:

1. Attend all lectures; never come late, always concentrate and engage the lecturer.

2. Make your notes at home too.

3. Make mnemonics. Make study aids.

4. Play. Yeah, play, all work, and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

5. Study again during silent hours. Remember, all play and no work makes Jack an efulefu.

8. There is a time for everything.
Even the bible had this jotted down for a reason. There's a time to enjoy life, and there's a time to be serious. Late-night parties wouldn't make you the super gee or slay queen! 

It makes you stupider than those safeguarding their lives in their hostels. Whereas, the days are cruel now so late-night parties are definitely an open trap for anymore who wants to live long.

9. Dress code.
This is where common sense and principles meet. You see those tighties and revealing attire you think you'll have a privilege to wear, well done. Welcome to be used as a bad example. One notion you will be awarded will be what you are! 

The way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed.

Girls no longer wear mini-skirts. They now walk in underwear and braless tops. Is this fashion or premature imbecility?  Dress well, it pays.

10. Action plan.
Be like the Joseph who rejected the advances of his boss’ wife! Be the Shulamite! Be somebody's role model.

Now tell us, what other things can you advise our Jambites? What will you as a Jambite do to remain successful? How has this post benefited you?