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Ten legal way to become a millionaire in Nigeria before 2022

Everybody plans to become a millionaire someday, some even go as far as setting specific goals and milestones to achieve this. Making a few thousand nairas is very realistic in Nigeria, but the million naira mark is so hyped and quite challenging to reach, but again, these things take time and some real dedication; I'm talking 6-12 months!

I get it, the first quarter of the year is almost done, and you're probably thinking, " not again! This year is going to run again, and I'd end up achieving nothing or get anywhere close to achieving my million naira goal."

Well, the difficult part always lies in achieving your first million, and I can assure you that as soon as that has been sorted out, your journey only gets exciting and more rewarding over the course of making more millions to your account before 2022, yes I said 2022 and It’s very much possible as I’m going to be revealing the ten legal ways to become a millionaire in Nigeria before 2022.

Read on to find out Ten ways to reach the millionaire mark before 2022 legally!

1. Sales of agriculture commodities
Agricultural commodity sales are one of the most underrated business ventures people go into in Nigeria. Most traders will tell you in order to thrive in the agricultural commodity market you’ll need to be dedicated and passionate and yet won’t meet the Million naira mark in such a short time. 

I can assure you that with proper guidance, you can make a million naira before 2022
With the recent hike in price, you can only make more money selling agricultural products to people who need them, because people can live without clothes and shoes but will always need to eat, so the odds are in your favor. Food is also a neccesity, remember.

2. Sales of imported used items
This is another hidden oil rig most Nigerians are ignorant of, selling used importers items like gadgets, used clothes, electronics, and even cars.

People are always on the lookout for the latest trends, but the problem is they aren't ready to cough up the many thousands it will cost to get a brand new one. Importing used items from major countries like the US, UK, China is a great way to makeover a million before 2022 as there is always a market ready to buy at all times. 

Take, for instance, a used iPhone 6 plus could cost somewhere between $100-120 while a brand new iPhone 6 plus cost $260; you could be making $50 on every unit sold to local consumers. 

Imagine selling 20 units of such units in a month! Crazy right? Your million naira feet is entirely on course in just a month.

3. Real estates
Humans require three basics necessities, being food, shelter, and clothing. The rest come as secondary needs. Going into real estate, whether it be rentals or sales will always be a risk-off scenario as you're always assured of making a whole lot of cash over a short period, thereby scaling the million naira feat. 

Additionally, houses and land assets appreciate at a very rapid rate hence, optimizing your chances of matching your goal before it’s even 2022.

4. Haulage services
Have you got an old unused truck or van parking beside your apartment and you stare at it every morning without any intention as to what you could do with it? 

Think haulage!

People pay a decent amount to transport items and properties, and owning a truck is just a much-added advantage. With haulage, you can make as much as N200,000 on average monthly, transporting goods and properties between states or within your state. 

In 6 months, your million naira feat would have been leapfrogged!

5. Sales of digital products
The problem we Nigerians seem to be struggling with is not seeing the problems people face; otherwise, every sane Nigerian will be wealthy today. 

Digital product sales is an advantageous business model if you know your way around it. You could sell eBooks, digital arts, audio, pictures, and more! With the right marketplace, you could be taking in millions in your first six months. What is more, I can teach you how to make over a hundred thousand monthly doing this. Hit me up.

6. Forex
You've probably heard that no one makes it big trading forex, but that's all a lie! The foreign exchange market is one of the most lucrative ways to make money if you know your way around the trade. You can constantly make N50,000 weekly with the right mindset, discipline, and proper risk management in forex.

7. Mini Importation
Who says you need to import in large shipping containers to go into importation? Well, that person told you a terrible lie! 

Let me introduce you to mini importation; with mini importation, you can import anything from clothes, bags, shoes, consumer electronics, watches, jewelry, and more at a pretty discounted and affordable rate and sell them at your preferred price. 

Sites like Aliexpress and Alibaba sell products at cheaper rates compared to the Nigerian market. I have an ebook guide for you too on this.

8. Building and sales of websites
The world as we know it is going almost entirely digital, and very soon, people will have no need to walk to stores to purchase goods and services.

Of course, that's why you are reading this online too! Businesses, organizations, and companies require websites to work seamlessly without doing much of the physical work. 

That's where you come in! Are you a tech wiz or happen to know how to build one of such responsive sites? Then you're in luck! Most companies can pay you as much as N200,000 to create a very responsive website for them.

9. Freelance writing
Writing can be seen as a thing of passion, but you can also make money by offering writing services on top freelance sites and watch the money come in stacks. I know it is profitable because I am a freelance writer who make over ₦200k monthly writing! No overstatements! 

A freelance site known as Upwork or Fiverr is one of such online market places to offer your writing services, and clients on Upwork can pay as much as N40,000 and even more for a 2000 words long article. You need to be coached? I can be your coach.

10. Dropshipping
This business model is similar to mini importation, only that you don't require capital to start this. 

With Dropshipping, you can have products listed on your already set up e-commerce site and have them shipped down to customers without any financial input. The company handles everything from shipping to delivery, and you get paid.

In Nigeria, there are a lot of legal ways to become a millionaire, all you need is the right information and guidance and you're well on your way to making your first million naira before 2022

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